Skrillex gets handcuffed

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Virginia Reckless Driving help: Skrillex, also known as Sonny John Moore, is an American singer and songwriter.  Skrillex specializes in alternative music and has been received eight Grammy Awards while being nominated for many more.  Skrillex hold more Grammy Awards then any other Electronic Dance Music artist. In 2011 Skrillex was chosen by MTV as Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year, a high honor.  Skrillex has made music with such other artists as Diplo and Boys Noize.

Virginia Reckless Driving help: Skrillex also performs with Jack Ü which is a duo of himself and Diplo.  Skrillex cites to Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and the Doors as bands that inspired him.

Virginia Reckless Driving help: In early May, 2017, Skrillex was stopped in his Tesla for playing loud music and then was cuffed as he did not have his driver’s license on his person.  As he tweeted, “Just to be clear , I got pulled over for playing my music too loud … but handcuffed because I didn’t have my ID on me.”  Once his identify was established the Hollywood police released him with a summons for disturbing the peace and one for driving without have a license in his possession.  Skrillex tagged Elon Musk in his tweet complaining that the Tesla sound system sounded too good at high volume.



Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down Pedestrians

Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down Pedestrians

Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down Pedestrians

Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down Pedestrians: Police allege that on the last day of November, 2015, invalided Officer Christopher Kohrs struck two pedestrians who were crossing the street and then fled on foot.  Kohrs has been called the “Hot Cop of Castro” and is something of a celebrity in the Castro District of San Francisco and on the social media.  Kohrs was not apprehended until the next day when he turned himself in at the police station, probably with his lawyer.  Kohrs was charged with two felony hit and run offenses and was subsequently released upon the posting of a $100,000.00 bond.  The bond is a payment made by or on behalf of the accused to gain his release from jail pending trial.  The bond is a financial assurance that the Accused will appear for all court dates and remain of good behavior pending trial.  #HotCopOfCastroRunsDownPedestrians

Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down Pedestrians: District Attorney George Gascon expressed some concerns for his case due to the lack of drug and alcohol testing of Kohrs after the pedestrians were run down.  It is not clear how Kohrs’ alleged failure to render assistance and failure to remain at the scene would be affected by the Government’s inability to prove he was drunk or high at the time of the collision.  The felony hit and run statutes are neutral as far as the sobriety of the driver who flees the scene.  #HotCopOfCastroRunsDownPedestrians

Hot Cop of Castro Runs Down PedestriansThese two felony charges have cast a shadow on Kohrs’ internet fame as it has been reported that his Facebook page has been taken down.  That is probably an expected result since the allegations put Kohrs in a less than favorable light.  According to police, Kohrs’ orange Dodge Charger struck the two middle aged men and then stopped.  The driver’s image was caught as he raced away on foot from the scene.  The video shows everyone else rushing to the scene to assist his victims.  Ironically, Kohrs was on medical leave status at the time due to a work related knee injury.  From the video the person racing away from the injured persons seemed to be in top shape based on his running form and great foot speed.  Also, ironically, Kohrs cannot be suspended from the force while out on medical disability.  If and when he goes off disability he can be suspended without pay.  Until then he continues to draw his disability pay and is entitled to all other benefits.