Alabama defensive lineman Da’Shawn Hand arrested for DUI

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Reckless Driving in Virginia:  Da’Shawn Hand is an outstanding Defensive Lineman for the powerful Alabama Crimson Tide Football team.  Hand is one of the excellent cast of returning Defensive players for the Alabama team.  Last year, Hand played in all 15 games,  made 21 tackles, 2 quarterback sacks and 5 quarterback hurries.  Hand was also a preseason All-SEC pick by the sports media.  This arrest was just before the beginning of the first camp.  Alabama‘s first game will be against Florida State.

Reckless Driving in Virginia:  Unfortunately, Hand was arrested for DUI in late July, 2017.  Hand probably thought that he could reason with or satisfy the Officer by answering his questions and performing his roadside agility tests.  Hand was wrong.  The incentives are too great for Officers now to exercise much discretion in why they arrest.  If an Officer stops a vehicle and smells the odor of an alcoholic beverage, the driver is going to get arrested for DUI.

Coach Nick Saban was quoted as saying:  “This type of behavior is not acceptable and we are disappointed in Da’Shawn‘s actions,” “We are still gathering information and will evaluate what we need to do in terms of appropriate discipline as we move forward, so better choices and decisions can be made in the future.”




Oregon Coach’s DUI

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Driving Under the Influence: Oregon Assistant Football Coach David Reaves was stopped, investigated and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).  Reaves was also charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment.  Oregon placed him on administrative leave with the intention of firing him for cause.  Reaves had only been an Oregon employee for five days before being suspended.

Driving Under the Influence:  According to law enforcement, Reaves was driving a vehicle containing a passenger when stopped shortly after 2 a.m. for numerous traffic infractions.  Reaves was placed in jail shortly after 5 a.m. and released around 10 a.m. on approximately $1,500.00 bond.  This  DUI arrest will probably be very expensive for Coach Reaves.  Reaves was contracted to be paid $300,000.00 per year for the balance of his present employment contract.  Head Coach Willie Taggart had intended Reaves to share the offensive coordinator role while also coaching the tight ends and serving as passing game coordinator.

Driving Under the Influence: Reaves probably attempted the roadside gymnastics designed to provide roadside reasons to arrest anyone naive enough to try them.  These “tests” are almost never properly given and are almost never passed by anyone who tries them.  In other words, the game is rigged.  Always refuse the standardized field sobriety tests also known as the HGN (horizontal gaze nystagmus), the WAT (walk and turn) and the OLS (one leg stand).  These unfair tasks make even sober people look drunk.

Actor Reveals Fate of Jon Snow To Avoid Ticket

Actor Reveals Fate of Jon Snow To Avoid Ticket

Actor Reveals Fate of Jon Snow To Avoid Ticket

Actor Reveals Fate of Jon Snow To Avoid Ticket:  Kit Harington is an actor in the HBO series, Game of Thrones who plays Jon SnowHarington recounted on the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon that he revealed whether Jon Snow lived or died to avoid a speeding ticket.  Harington told Jimmy Fallon that the officer told him,  “Look, there’s two ways we could do this. “You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in, or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones.”‘  After Harington confirmed Snow lives on into the next season, the traffic officer said,  ‘”On your way Lord Commander. Keep the speed down this far south of the wall.”‘

Actor Reveals Fate of Jon Snow To Avoid Ticket: This was a big secret since Harington had been telling fans that his character, Jon Snow, was dead.  Harington went so far as to tell fans the reason he was seen on set was that he appeared as a corpse.  Game of Thrones is a fantasy series derived from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy books.  Game of Thrones documents a fictional civil war between nobles fighting over the Iron Throne for the Seven Kingdoms.  The show has set records for viewership, and has been widely praised for its story, production, acting and the complexity of its characters.  The series has been awarded 26 Emmy awards, 3 Hugo Awards, a Peabody and was nominated for three Golden Globes.

Game of Thrones is in its seventh season and the show has made inroads into popular culture.  The name Khaleesi, taken from the show, has become one of the most popular names for female newborns.  The term Game of Thrones has become a figure of speech describing high pitched conflict and deceit.

If you get charged with a traffic offense in Virginia like speeding, reckless driving or DUI, call Bob Keefer at 540.433.6906 or email him at  Bob will help you extricate yourself from your “Game of Thrones” like charges.




Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer:  Because Virginia reckless driving charges are Class One Misdemeanors a conviction means a permanent criminal record.   In Virginia you cannot expunge a conviction so if you are convicted and do not successfully appeal you cannot rid yourself of this black mark.

In many Virginia Courts the Judges are considering active jail time for drivers found traveling 90 or more miles per hour.  As a misdemeanor a reckless driving charge also carries the possibility of a suspended license for up to six months and a fine up to $2,500.00.   In addition to the direct consequences, a reckless driving conviction also carries with it:

1. A significant increase in your Automobile Insurance Premiums.  Some surveys indicate that the conviction will boost your rates by 20% or more.

2. Problems getting or maintaining a security clearance.  One reckless driving conviction may not kill a security clearance but it certainly raises issues about your judgment.

3.  A risk that your job may be affected.  If you drive a company vehicle for a living the insurance costs may force your company to terminate you.

You want to look for several things in choosing your Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer:

1. You want a Lawyer who has experience in the Harrisonburg Courts.  A Judge once told Bob a Good Lawyer knows the Law and a Great Lawyer knows the Judge.  Knowing the Judge means understanding what arguments and facts work with your particular Judge.  Bob has been practicing in the Harrisonburg Courts for more than 30 years.

2. You want a Lawyer who is ranked well on AVVO.  Bob has a perfect 10 out of 10 on AVVO.  There is no better ranking.

3.  You want a Lawyer who has good reviews from former clients.  Bob has great reviews from his former Clients.

4.  You want a Lawyer you will give you a free consultation.  Bob gives FREE CONSULTATIONS by telephone.

4.  You want a Lawyer who has written about reckless driving.  You can download Bob’s reckless driving book HERE.

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Many people, including athletes get charged with reckless driving by speed.  In August of 2015, Cambridge United Striker Jordan Slew was clocked at 156 miles per hour in his M4 BMW. That 156 mph is thought to be the fastest motorist stopped in Britain in the last three years.  Slew entered a guilty plea and lost his license for six months with a 1,400 pound fine.  Slew probably did not see the police officer pursuing him since the police officer was unable to catch Slew for three miles.  Slew was eventually stopped because traffic forced him to slow down to 130 miles per hour.  Slew recently signed a eighteen month contract with League Two side Cambridge United.  His previous contract was for one million pounds.










Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer:  Ty Lawson, a point guard for the Denver Nuggets has been arrested for the second time within six months for DUI.

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer: Lawson attended college at the University of North Carolina.  As a Tar Heel, Lawson had a very good basketball career.  Lawson often led the team with assists and was fourth on points scorred.  Lawson was credited with helping his team win the ACC Tournament.  Lawson also helped his team win a spot in the Final Four.  In June of 2008, Lawson was stopped for a loud stereo and charged with a baby DUI.  He was also charged with driving suspended.

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer:  Lawson is known for withdrawing from the 2008 NBA Draft and returning to North Carolina for his junior year.  Lawson was joined by teammates Wayne Ellington, Danny Green and Tyler Hansbrough in withdrawing from the draft and keeping the team intact.

Lawson was ACC Player of the Year in that junior year.  He also made the All ACC First Team.  He also won the Bob Cousy Award from being the best college point guard.  Lawson also helped the Tar Heels beat Michigan in the 2009 NCAA championship taking his team to a national title. Lawson then entered the 2009 NBA draft.

Harrisonburg Traffic Violation Lawyer:  Lawson has had a number of traffic violations.  In April of 2012 in Colorado, Lawson was charged with careless driving, driving outside his restricted license and allowing an unlicensed person to operate his vehicle.  Lawson was arrested in January, 2013 for not appearing to answer these charges.  Lawson eventually entered a guilty plea to allowing an unauthorized person to drive and the other charges were nol prossed.

Since Lawson was on bond for the first DUI, with conditions including no drinking or drugging and no more DUIs, he may stay in jail for a while.  In his July DUI arrest, Lawson got pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for extreme speeding.  Apparently Lawson displayed what were believed to be signs of intoxication and was arrested.  According to the Denver prosecutors, Lawson’s recent arrest may complicate his Denver 1st DUI charge.