Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer:  Because Virginia reckless driving charges are Class One Misdemeanors a conviction means a permanent criminal record.   In Virginia you cannot expunge a conviction so if you are convicted and do not successfully appeal you cannot rid yourself of this black mark.

In many Virginia Courts the Judges are considering active jail time for drivers found traveling 90 or more miles per hour.  As a misdemeanor a reckless driving charge also carries the possibility of a suspended license for up to six months and a fine up to $2,500.00.   In addition to the direct consequences, a reckless driving conviction also carries with it:

1. A significant increase in your Automobile Insurance Premiums.  Some surveys indicate that the conviction will boost your rates by 20% or more.

2. Problems getting or maintaining a security clearance.  One reckless driving conviction may not kill a security clearance but it certainly raises issues about your judgment.

3.  A risk that your job may be affected.  If you drive a company vehicle for a living the insurance costs may force your company to terminate you.

You want to look for several things in choosing your Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer:

1. You want a Lawyer who has experience in the Harrisonburg Courts.  A Judge once told Bob a Good Lawyer knows the Law and a Great Lawyer knows the Judge.  Knowing the Judge means understanding what arguments and facts work with your particular Judge.  Bob has been practicing in the Harrisonburg Courts for more than 30 years.

2. You want a Lawyer who is ranked well on AVVO.  Bob has a perfect 10 out of 10 on AVVO.  There is no better ranking.

3.  You want a Lawyer who has good reviews from former clients.  Bob has great reviews from his former Clients.

4.  You want a Lawyer you will give you a free consultation.  Bob gives FREE CONSULTATIONS by telephone.

4.  You want a Lawyer who has written about reckless driving.  You can download Bob’s reckless driving book HERE.

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Finding a Harrisonburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Many people, including athletes get charged with reckless driving by speed.  In August of 2015, Cambridge United Striker Jordan Slew was clocked at 156 miles per hour in his M4 BMW. That 156 mph is thought to be the fastest motorist stopped in Britain in the last three years.  Slew entered a guilty plea and lost his license for six months with a 1,400 pound fine.  Slew probably did not see the police officer pursuing him since the police officer was unable to catch Slew for three miles.  Slew was eventually stopped because traffic forced him to slow down to 130 miles per hour.  Slew recently signed a eighteen month contract with League Two side Cambridge United.  His previous contract was for one million pounds.