Augusta County Virginia DWI Attorney Bob Keefer: Roadblocks are not effective in stopping Drunk Driving

On August 21, 2008 Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine officially began the 2008 Checkpoint Strikeforce campaign. 

The stated purpose of this campaign is to focus on drunken drivers on rural roads. 

The Governor is concerned that impaired drivers may choose to stay off main roads to avoid detection and to avoid endangering a larger group of fellow motorists. 

The Governor wants to drive impaired drivers back to heavily crowded higher speed main roads. 

The Governor believes that using limited police manpower to set up roadblocks on sparsely used rural roads is the best way to save the most lives on

Virginia’s highways. 

The problem is NHTSA says roadblocks are actually only about one third as effective as roving patrols in detecting drunk drivers. 

The Governor’s plan simply impinges on our individual liberties to make us Two Thirds less safe. 

Thanks a lot Governor Kaine! 


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