Woodstock Virginia DUI Lawyer Bob Keefer says government should tell the truth about DWI/ DUI deaths in this country

New Mexico Governor Bill Richards is putting on some anti-DWI commercials during the 2008 Summer Olympic television coverage.  I assume the taxpayers of

New Mexico are paying to put Governor Bill Richard’s face in front of the people attempting to watch the Olympics.  The Governor has chosen to ride the prosecution of

New Mexico drivers accused of DWI onto bigger and better things for his political career. 
Perhaps Governor Richards does not know that the statistics concerning deaths caused by drunk drivers are false.  Perhaps Governor Richards does not know that there is a standing $20,000.00 offer by a concerned citizen group for anyone who can substantiate the government’s numbers for DUI deaths – an offer that has never been taken.Perhaps Governor Richards has been fooled by the fake numbers like the rest of us.  Maybe he will take the time to learn the truth and do his next set of commercials on an expose of government deception  – that would demonstrate real leadership.  Bob Keefer represents people charged with DUI/ DWI, traffic tickets, speeding tickets and reckless driving in Elkton, Virginia; Bridgewater, Virginia; Verona, Virginia;  Harrisonburg, Virginia; Rockingham County, Virginia; Staunton, Virginia; Augusta County, Virginia; Woodstock, Virginia; Waynesboro, Virginia; and Shenandoah County, Virginia You can find information about Bob Keefer’s firm at:  www.bobkeeferlaw.com; www.bobkeeferlaw.org; www.duidriver.net; www.keeferlawfirm.com;; www.recklessdriving.net; www.blog.recklessdriving.net; www.keefercard.comwww.injurycorner.com 

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